The ultra-safe
urban autonomous
public transportation system

Our Vision

aiPod is introducing a revolutionary urban transportation service that is designed to complement a city's existing systems while offering passengers safe, affordable and convenient transportation.

aiPod is a breakthrough, safe low-cost transportation system


for passengers, pedestrians and property


easy-to-call, enter, understand and enjoy


energy, operation and maintenance


integration with transportation planning and infrastructure


Our Team has a proven track record, with experience building autonomous systems on Earth and nearby planets.
Bill Gross

Bill Gross

Executive Chairman

  • Caltech Mechanical Engineer
  • Founder/CEO Idealab
  • Created > 100 companies, 45 IPOs / Acquisitions, 7 x $1B+ exits
Erik Antonsson

Erik Antonsson


  • CTO of Northrop Grumman, Director of Research
  • CTO of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
  • Caltech Mechanical Engineer Professor
Mike Slack

Mike Slack

Head Engineering

  • UCSD PhD, Mathematics
  • Harvard, BAE
  • eSolar
Steve Gledden

Steve Gledden


  • VC, EIR, Executive Chair Scale-ups
  • McKinsey, Citysearch, Idealab
  • 13 Startups, raised $90m
Or Yogev

Or Yogev

Senior Scientist

  • Caltech PhD, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sensors, Machine Learning, Genetic and Vision algorithm expert
Gregg Luconi

Gregg Luconi

Chief Mechanical

  • Art Center BS, Industrial and Transportation Design
  • Luconi Design, Engineer, Producer 20 products
Geoff Wardle

Geoff Wardle

Urban System Design

  • Executive Director, Graduate Transportation Systems and Design, Art Center College of Design
  • Urban Systems Labs
Max Zavodny

Maximilian Zavodny

Computer Vision Systems

  • Caltech BS, Physics
  • University of Hawaii MS, Astronomy
  • Lead Engineer, eSolar
Mark Goodstein

Mark Goodstein

Business Development

  • Startups:, FasTV, X1 Technologies, Scoutables
  • Public/Private Partnerships: Automotive X Prize, Cleantech Los Angeles, Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute
Peter Haderlein

Peter Haderlein

IP Manager

  • Patent Agent
  • Caltech Mechanical Engineer
  • M.S. Green Technologies
Tori Cook

Tori Cook


  • UC Berkeley BS, Applied Math

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